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Business and Trade

Business and trade registration, tools and guidance, product monitoring and complaints.

Certificates and IDs

Avail to certificates, IDs, licenses, clearances, and other government documents and records.


Pensions, benefits, and other social services.

Environment and Emergencies

Emergencies and environmental management.

Education and Learning

Scholarship assistance, research and extension, student loans, admissions and apprenticeships.


Contracts and job opportunities.

Health and Safety

Regulation and utilization of available health care, facilities, assistance, and programs.


Settlements and infrastructure management, regulations and assistance; government projects monitoring; contractor accreditation; and related functions.

Tourism and Products

Municipal attractions, culture, and products.

Social Services

Includes benefits and rights of senior citizens, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ, substance abuse, and special concerns.

Tax and Fees

Taxes, debt and self-assessment, and other related fees.

Transport and Driving

Regulation, management and registrations related to transportation system.

Electronic and Communication

Regulation and management of electronic and communication devices.

Law and Order

Implementation of municipal resolutions, ordinances, executive orders, and national laws.