Royal House of Maguindanao

Research and Edited by, Datu Ontay M. Abdulmadid With some minor differences or variations, the Maguindanao tarsilas narrate how the Sharif Muhammad Kabungsuwan arrived on the shores of Mindanao with a sea-fariing people, after a long voyage from Johore. It is claimed that he was a son of the Sharif Ali Zein ul-Abidin, an Arab […]

Origin of the Word Madrasah

Madrasah is an Arabic term for “school.” It is derived from the root word dars, which connotes a learning process carried through drill lesson. Also derived from the same root are:  (1) mudarres, meaning a male teacher, while mudarresah is a female teacher; and (2) derrasah, meaning studying or studied subject. (Ismael, 1995).  Official Definition […]

Philippine-American War, 1899-1902

by Arnaldo Dumindin The Muslim Moros are a multilingual ethnic group that comprised about 5.25% of the total Philippine population in 2005. Their name originated from the Spanish word Moor, and they mostly live in the western part of Mindanao Island, the Sulu Archipelago and nearby islands. There are at least ten Moro ethno-linguistic subgroups, all descended from the […]

Great Muslim Leader of the 20th Century

Dr. Ahmad “Domocao” Alonto: Great Muslim Leader of the 20th Century  In a rural dwelling town in Ditsaan-Ramain virtually blessed with its lush greenery of vast land and crystal blue lake complimented with cool and pleasant weather all year through, the future senator of the Philippines began his life – to influence the peoples of the world. The […]

AFP Photo/Ted Aljibe

An immediate passage of Bangsamoro Law assured

After the conclusion of the Malaysian-brokered talks has been significantly made over 13 years of negotiations between the government and the MILF to tame a tenacious insurgency that has left more than 120,00 people dead and derailed development in Muslim-populated southern regions that are among the most destitute in the Philippines. Under the peace deal, […]

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